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MyWay Symbol Descriptions

$1.99 Prices in bold green text are on sale.
Add an item to your Shopping List Add an item to your selected Shopping List
Expand item to show available varieties See other available varieties for an item
Item Attributes A variety of Item Attributes will follow this symbol to assist you in your grocery choices
Item has been added to your Shopping List Indicates an item has been added to your selected Shopping List
Bookmark items Bookmark items for sale alerts
Add a note Add a note to an item in your selected Shopping List

Busch's MyWay Program

The average supermarket stocks more than 30,000 different items but the average family generally purchases less than 2,000 throughout the year. Busch’s has developed a program to help you focus on those 2,000 items to save time and money. It’s called MyWay and here’s how it works:

Build a Personalized, Online Shopper Profile

Go online and register information on the payment methods – i.e. credit cards, debit cards, and checking accounts – you use most often for your purchases. Your online account is secure.

Or, use your key tag or phone number at the check-out to build your shopper profile.

Busch’s creates your shopper’s profile that is unique to you. It lists the items you’ve purchased with us in the past year and tracks all future purchases.

Receive Customized List of Busch’s Weekly Specials

Busch’s creates your customized specials list which matches our weekly specials with only the items that you buy.

Review your list online by accessing your shopper profile. Each week your list will show this week’s and next week’s specials.

Shop More, Save More

Save on more weekly specials when you purchase different items at Busch’s which expand your shopper’s profile.

Plan your meals around our sales by using the MyWay program.

Enjoy Added Convenience

Create a Customized Shopping List while browsing your list of specials. Print this list according to the flow of the store aisles to save you additional time.

E-mail your List to anyone you choose.

Order online using your Customized Shopping List.

Pick-up your order curbside for only $6.95.

Program Features

Your Customized Weekly Specials – are presented in two categories.

My Deals – sale items from your personal shopping history.

My Items – items in your profile that are not currently on sale.

View these 2 groups for the current week as well as the next.

Customized Shopping List Library

Create and save as many different lists as you want. Use them for:

You can add items to any list quickly and easily. Why start from scratch with your meal planning when you can save all your lists using Busch’s MyWay program.

Exclusive Members-Only Offers

MyWay members receive exclusive offers. Birthdays, for example, are great reason to celebrate. Look for a little something extra from Busch’s on those special days in your household!

Sign up today and see how easy shopping (and saving!) can be.


Does the MyWay card give me access to in-store specials?
Yes. While Busch’s weekly specials are open for all guests regardless of membership, the MyWay card does enable you to take advantage of special deals and offers exclusive to MyWay Members.
Do I need to carry my Busch’s MyWay Key Tag with me at all times to participate?
No. We will create a link from your Busch’s MyWay account to various identifiable payment types such as debit cards, credit cards or checking accounts. You can create this link online as part of the registration process, or if you prefer, in the store at our register. As long as you use one of your linked methods of payment, you will be recognized as a MyWay Member. Or, your phone number will work just as well.
How do I sign up for the Busch’s MyWay Program?
Register online at www.buschs.com. Once completed, you'll be sent a verification email. Just click on the link in the email to start your savings and personalized convenience program.
If I'm already registered at www.buschs.com, do I need to sign up again?
Yes. Our previous online shopping process has been discontinued.
What if I don’t have an email address?
If you do not have a computer, please contact your local store and they can set up a special MyWay account for you. Please note that an email address is required for additional coupons, viewing the MyDeals page, and ordering online.
Can other family members use my MyWay account?
Yes. You can add additional household members to your account, but not additional email addresses. Household members can easily access your account from any computer by simply logging on using your email address and password.
Is my data secure?
Yes. We have incorporated the latest PCI compliant technology, data encryption, secure servers and the best practices from major online retailers such as Amazon to keep your information safe and available only to you.
Will I receive emails or other offers from other vendors associated with Busch’s?
No. We respect your privacy and do not share your personal information with anyone, unless you give us specific permission to do so. If savings opportunity programs are developed, we will ask for your permission to participate before any information is shared.
When will my account be activated?
Once you click on the activation link provided in a verification email sent to your email account after you register online. You can begin viewing your items within 24 hours of activating your account.
When will I receive my Key Tags?
Within two weeks of completing your registration via the U.S. postal service. (Mailing of the key tags helps to verify your name and address to protect you and your privacy.)
Can I start using the program before I receive my Key Tags in the mail?
Yes. Use your home phone number as your Busch’s MyWay ID until your key tags arrive.
How many cards do I get and how do I order additional Key Tags?
Each MyWay account receives 4 key tags. At this time we cannot add any additional Key Tags to a single account.
What if I lose my Key Tags?
Contact us at 734-214-8300 or welisten@buschs.com and we will replace your missing tags with a new set of 4. Please dispose of any remaining key tags from your original set; they will no longer work. You can always use your home phone number, too.
Where can I use my MyWay Key Tags?
Key tags can be used at any of our 15 Southeastern Michigan stores.
What if I pay by cash, food stamps or WIC?
Ask the cashier to scan your Busch’s MyWay card, or enter your home phone number at the checkout.
How will I be notified of specials?
Via email each week. The message will include a link the Busch’s MyWay website where you can view your specials, create shopping lists and review or revise your account at any time. You always have the option to opt out of our email notifications, if you prefer.
Will I be able to view your current Weekly Ad online?
Yes. Our Weekly Ad is always available online at www.buschs.com. Just click on Weekly Ad.
What is Busch’s Online Shopping?
This is the ultimate in shopping convenience paired with quick and easy curbside pickup. Simply convert your shopping list to an online order and let us know when you want to pick it up. For only $6.95 we will do the shopping for you! When you get to the store, park in the convenient Busch’s MyWay Online Order Pick-up spot and call the phone number on the sign. One of our friendly associates will bring your order right out and load it into your car for you.

Still have questions? No problem–call us at 734-214-8300 email us at welisten@buschs.com.

Busch's reserves the right to modify or terminate the MyWay Program without notice.