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MyWay Symbol Descriptions

$1.99 Prices in bold green text are on sale.
Add an item to your Shopping List Add an item to your selected Shopping List
Expand item to show available varieties See other available varieties for an item
Item Attributes A variety of Item Attributes will follow this symbol to assist you in your grocery choices
Item has been added to your Shopping List Indicates an item has been added to your selected Shopping List
Bookmark items Bookmark items for sale alerts
Add a note Add a note to an item in your selected Shopping List

Help Resources

Looking to learn more about how MyWay works? You've come to the right place.

About MyWay

If you are looking for detailed information about the MyWay program including FAQs, this comprehensive page is a good source of information.

How-To Guide

Download this helpful document for getting started in the MyWay program. Includes information on registration, creating shopping lists and understanding your shopping history pages. The PDF format is perfect for printing.

Instructional Videos

Videos are in iTunes format - You may need to download Apple QuickTime to watch.

  1. Creating a MyWay List
  2. More videos coming soon ...

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